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Cutting through the noise: How ecommerce businesses can stand out

To make their products the obvious decisions, ecommerce organizations have to set their goods apart from the competition.


In today’s retail industry, there are a number of online companies selling similar products or services. While this is common in any market, it’s even more important for ecommerce organizations to set themselves apart from their competition. Certain actions in this vein can help these businesses improve their profits, client relationships and overall success for the present and the future. SFG has a closer look at how web enterprises can accomplish this goal:

A celebrity endorsement is a smart way for ecommerce companies to improve their credibility among customers.A celebrity endorsement is a smart way for ecommerce companies to improve their credibility among customers.

Indications of credibility
Consumers want to begin commerce relationships with organizations that are trustworthy and offer security as well as relevant information and products. Online businesses should add indications of their credibility to their website to give customers the proof they need to feel comfortable enough to complete their transaction. Not only can this practice attract new visitors, but it can also encourage clients stuck in the funnel to finally make their purchase.

Social proof comes in many shapes and sizes. The following examples are strong ways organizations can improve their validity in their industry, according to Entrepreneur:

  • Customer reviews: Share both good and bad comments to display a balanced perspective for consumers.
  • User-generated content: Online companies can share pictures or video of their clientele using and enjoying their products or services.
  • Introducing likes: Consumers can indicate interest in goods without actually buying them.
  • Celebrity endorsement: Although this may be difficult to achieve, a notable person interacting with a product can go a long way.

Omnichannel availability
It’s not uncommon for customers to browse on one or more devices and make their final purchase on another. This omnichannel method of shopping only works if ecommerce companies have optimized their website and marketing efforts to be viewed on smart technology. Having this capability can definitely help online businesses stand apart from their opponents. Consumers who don’t experience this feature may look elsewhere to make their purchases – gravitating toward organizations that offer omnichannel availability.

“Companies should market the high quality of their products.”

Focus on quality over quantity
There are many ecommerce organizations selling similar goods and services. While companies also try to make their offerings more unique in terms of selling proposition, there’s an easier way to set themselves apart from the crowd: highlighting the strength of quality.

We’ve all experienced purchasing an item online, only to discover how poorly made it is once it’s delivered. It makes the process of shopping around seem pointless and can leave customers feeling disappointed with their final choice. Web businesses not only need to market the high quality of their products, but also make good on that promise, according to Shopify. If ecommerce organizations are up front about this feature, they can increase brand loyalty and build lifelong relationships with consumers. It’s always better to overdeliver. To show dedication to this value, companies can make a visible statement regarding quality on their website or offer a money-back guarantee. These steps help consumers feel more confident  in their transaction with an ecommerce business.

Create a social media presence
Businesses create social media profiles for a number of reasons, but one of the most common is because the majority of other ecommerce companies are doing it. While having these sites is important for continued success and improved customer relationships, organizations have to be sure they use them correctly for the best results.

It’s not enough to simply have a social media page. Instead, online enterprises have to use these outlets to interact with consumers, offer discounts and promotions and share product videos as well as customer reviews, according to Search Engine Journal. Buttons that allow people to spread news of their purchases to friends and family can draw more traffic to a website, while answering consumers’ questions and responding to both positive and negative comments can help online organizations improve their interactions.

Outsource duties where efficiency is lacking
It can be difficult for ecommerce companies to complete the various tasks on their plate in-house, without any help. Unfortunately, letting one duty fall by the wayside can result in unhappy customers calling that inefficiency out as the reason for their dissatisfaction. Online organizations have the ability work with a third-party partner to ensure those services are still effectively managed.

SFG is a trustworthy service provider that can help ecommerce companies with tasks including customer care, fulfillment, secure payment processing and both warehousing and distribution. By ensuring these duties are handled as productively as possible, businesses can differentiate their offerings from the rest of their industry and make customers feel valued.

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