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Keeping the lights on, the water flowing and the gas fueling our furnaces and stoves is important to all consumers. When you’re in the business of powering our lives, sometimes you can use a partner to give your business its own boost.

SFG’s customer care solutions, like our professional call center and payment processing, can provide the management you need to make your utility business more structured and profitable. Our experienced staff will work with you to discover and provide exactly the solutions you need.

Discover the power of partnership. Let SFG’s team talk to you about the services we have to offer and how we can implement them to improve your business.


We chose SFG for direct-to-consumer book sales when Bonnier acquired a book publisher a couple of years ago. Our expertise is in magazine publishing and trade book publishing, so SFG has been a very patient and helpful partner as we grow this new product line.

Jim P. | Sr. Director of Operations, Consumer Marketing, Bonnier Corporation