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eBusiness Solutions

SFG offers Web-Based Tool Kits, APIs, and Systems Integration solutions to meet your ebusiness needs.

Web-Based Tool Kits
The SFG FlexPage™ System handles offers and orders for both individual and multiple memberships, subscriptions, and consumer products on a single dynamic page with one check-out functionality for all orders from this page. With an easy WYSIWYG page setup interface, it is fully customizable by you, using logic driven by promotion and offer codes, and providing a great tool for testing.

Customer care pages allow customers to log into a secure site and make changes to their accounts in real time. Customers can also access frequently asked questions, email customer service and pay on their account, among several other options.

SFG’s APIs cover virtually any web-oriented capability that utilizes your customer data. Whatever your needs, we have the ability to tie into your database for real-time web applications with immediate access to crucial data stored in your database, regardless of where it is hosted.

These services can be utilized across multiple business models and include:

  • Gatekeeping
  • Subscription Order Pages
  • Customer Care Pages
  • Real-Time Inventory Links
  • Real-Time Bad Debt Checking
  • Email Renewals
  • Email Promotions
  • Product and Subscription Order Insertion
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Opt-In Status Check

Systems Integration

SFG provides system integration solutions ranging from facilitating data flows in real time or scheduled intervals to integrating with a variety of third-party vendors such as email service and digital content providers, web and shopping cart developers, modeling vendors, and co-op databases to name a few.

Real-time integration through our APIs include such things as order insertion, credit card processing, gatekeeping, and product recommender upselling.