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SFG Leadership Team

There is an atmosphere of family and corporate pride that is a hallmark of SFG’s employees. That attitude starts with our Leadership Team. Learn more about the people who lead our operations.

headshot of tony pytlak, president and COO
Tony Pytlak
headshot of ken smith, director of partner services
Ken Smith
Director of Partner Services
headshot of david wilson, technology director
David Wilson
Technology Director
headshot of karl wilson, applications development manager
Karl Wilson
Applications Development Manager
headshot of mark ray, director of operations
Mark Ray
Director of Operations
headshot of nancy white, director of sales
Nancy White
Director of Sales
headshot of sally allen, director of business development
Sally Allen
Director of Business Development
headshot of eric wilson, director of decision management analytics
Eric Wilson
Director of Decision Management Analytics
headshot of pam prather, human resources manager
Pam Prather
Human Resources Manager