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eCommerce Fulfillment

eCommerce involves many moving parts. SFG’s ecommerce solutions keep your products moving along, from order placement through the pick, pack and ship process.

Order Management System

Keep track of your orders, notify customers with success and shipping messages and everything in between. SFG’s order management system streamlines and simplifies the process.

Warehouse Management & Distribution

We’ve got this down to a science. Utilizing our order management system and warehouse capabilities, we finalize the process by packing the order and shipping it. SFG ships worldwide daily with all major carriers and utilizes a co-ship partner for volume-based shipping discounts where possible. SFG’s operations team continually evaluate shipping options and rate shop for the most cost-effective methods. We offer next-day and same-day rush shipment options for those last-minute customers!

Contact your SFG team to understand the missing pieces in your daily operations and make recommendations based on your specific scenario.


We chose SFG for direct-to-consumer book sales when Bonnier acquired a book publisher a couple of years ago. Our expertise is in magazine publishing and trade book publishing, so SFG has been a very patient and helpful partner as we grow this new product line.

Jim P. | Sr. Director of Operations, Consumer Marketing, Bonnier Corporation