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Direct Response

A great direct response marketing campaign requires careful planning and execution. SFG is uniquely positioned to assist in the program management of a direct response campaign, which can be quite cumbersome to manage on your own.

Whether your direct response campaign is conducted via email, text, television, radio, print or all of the above, we have database solutions that make tracking campaign responses seamless. Knowing if the campaign is successful is key to creating future successful campaigns. We can help you see and achieve greater results.

Our experienced team will work directly with you to make certain you get the solutions you need. Contact us to review your options and see how we can help.


We chose SFG for direct-to-consumer book sales when Bonnier acquired a book publisher a couple of years ago. Our expertise is in magazine publishing and trade book publishing, so SFG has been a very patient and helpful partner as we grow this new product line.

Jim P. | Sr. Director of Operations, Consumer Marketing, Bonnier Corporation