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Customer Care

Making the purchasing experience easy for the customer and that your customers are satisfied are, of course, the goals of every business. SFG offers a complete Customer Care package that includes:

Call Center
Our experienced team of call center reps are available to your customers seven days a week. We work with you to provide your customers a seamless customer service experience. Our cloud-based telephony also supports online chat, call recording, and IVR.
Cross Sell/Upsell
SFG's customer service provides industry-leading interaction and the opportunity for cross-selling and up-selling within and across business lines. No matter the scenario, our automated and rule-based cross-sell system can lead to increased profitability.
Order Processing
SFG offers payment options that include cash, check and credit card, as well as installment billing by methods beyond cash, check and credit such as third party, bill-me options and purchase order. Our services also included data entry, real-time customer look up, remittance processing, alternate methods of entry, all in a secure environment.

Contact your SFG team to understand the missing pieces in your daily operations and make recommendations based on your specific scenario.


As a new client to SFG, we have been very happy with the speed and professionalism displayed by their staff during our inconversion.

Greg K. | EVP Marketing, Belvoir Media