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SFG helps partner increase response

February 15, 2016

by Sally Allen

In order to take advantage of SFG’s innovative database marketing solutions, SFG helped a partner convert their marketing database to SFG, which also provides the partner’s subscription fulfillment and order management solutions.

The partner knew that the major benefits of this new marketing database included real-time access to information (no monthly data feeds) and integration with their operational fulfillment data. In addition, the new marketing database also feeds a newly enhanced merge purge process – one that combines industry-leading software solutions with unique processing steps to maximize data hygiene and address cleansing, and get the most out of list segmentation and list rental multi-buyer processing.

Working closely with SFG, the partner utilized this new enhanced merge purge service to target customers better than ever before, resulting in a reduction in their mailing costs and a significant increase in response rates and profitability. These services also take full advantage of the weekly NCOA updates, offering the ability to cleanse their mail files at the beginning and again at the end of their merge purge process. This provides a significant reduction in list rental costs, wasted mailing pieces and wasted postage.

Real-time access to customer and marketing information helps the partner and its marketing team take advantage of new customer segments quickly and analyze trends without waiting for data feeds to be finalized.  Since the marketing database is tied into the fulfillment system, this integrated solution has helped this partner realize response rate increases that range from 9% to over 35%.