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SFG helps with list processing logistics

February 23, 2010

by George Strub

One of the challenges with direct mail campaigns is effectively communicating the scheduling and shipping logistics between the partner, list broker, and list processing vendor.

Using its business intelligence software, SFG created an automatic report distribution solution between the partner, list broker, and the SFG team processing the direct mail campaign. This automatic report distribution greatly helps to confirm receipt and identify where the rented lists are currently located.

In addition to this automated rented list reporting, SFG also developed a Campaign Management web portal for the partner. This web portal provides summary statistics for rented lists by campaign. Data elements include the number of re-use lists, lists received, lists not received, and lists cancelled. A summary of rented list counts by date is also displayed within the web portal. A third view within the web portal provides a web-based “Outstanding Rented List Report” that is identical to the automatic report mentioned above. All statistics and reporting in the Campaign Management web portal are pulled from SFG’s production database and is thus a live snapshot of the rented list disposition for the partner’s direct mail campaign.

This solution provides the status of every list at any point in time, optimizing the communication amongst those responsible for the direct mail campaign.