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Payment Processing

SFG has secure solutions for all your payment processing needs. We are PCI Compliant at the highest level as a Level 1 Service Provider, which means no sensitive data hits your server and you don’t have to carry the costs of security and compliance. Whether it’s through the mail, over the phone, or online, our systems allow your customers a user-friendly experience along with peace of mind — which you’ll also have when you work with our payment processing solutions

Online Payment Processing

In addition to handling credit card processing on single-order pages and in shopping cart applications, SFG offers Account Updater service, auto renewals, and recurring payment services.

Electronic Depositing

Get cost savings from your bank and faster fund availability.


Let us collect, image, process, and deposit your physical payments in our audited environment.

Contact your SFG team to understand the missing pieces in your daily operations and make recommendations based on your specific scenario.


We chose SFG for direct-to-consumer book sales when Bonnier acquired a book publisher a couple of years ago. Our expertise is in magazine publishing and trade book publishing, so SFG has been a very patient and helpful partner as we grow this new product line.

Jim P. | Sr. Director of Operations, Consumer Marketing, Bonnier Corporation