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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Good marketing begins with decisions based on good data. Companies collect a large amount of data in the course of doing business. They have important pieces of information housed in financial software, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and a host of other software solutions that help keep their sales team, purchasing department and marketing and production areas moving forward.

But having details in various formats and across multiple operating systems can make it difficult to get the most out of your data. SFG offers a suite of services to help you consolidate and analyze your core business data by taking the thousands of points of customer data, turning that data into information, and positioning it as intelligence to maximize your marketing decisions.

Whether you need to analyze customer lifetime value, feed specialized modeling tools or create custom views of your customer information, we have a solution to help you turn data into intelligence for your marketing and business decision-making processes.

Benefits of SFG’s Business Intelligence & Analytics solution include:

Single Customer View
Consolidates customer performance data across all lines of business from a marketing point of view, and tied directly into SFG’s operational systems.

Greater Customer Insight
Provides the ability to analyze customer segments to measure performance, identify trends, and help make more informed business decisions.

Executive Dashboards
Offers customized reports and graphs of key performance indicators in a central location.

Additional Data
Offers the flexibility to add additional data from surveys, appended data sources, internal databases, etc.

Immediate Access to Data
Uses a web-based BI solution to provide the user access to data at any time and any geographic location.