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Category Archives: Associations & Nonprofits

Your Guide to Donation Processing

Make donation processing effortless by following our essential guide.
Donation processing is the unsung hero of nonprofit fundraising, acting as the engine that powers your charitable activities. This intricate system ensures that donations from your generous supporters are securely and efficiently funneled into your organization's coffers. By providing a…

How nonprofits need to adopt for-profit practices to compete

Nonprofit organizations can learn a lot from for-profit companies.
Nonprofits worldwide are working to make the planet a better place. Each organization has its own mission, values and strategy. What's more, they continue to learn over time, picking up valuable pieces of knowledge from nonprofit operators in their space.…

How to keep nonprofit donors engaged

Providing tangible experiences for donors can increase contributions over time.
Nonprofit organizations come into being due to an important cause. While the people behind the initiative are of the utmost importance, not for profits would experience serious struggles without the assistance of donors. Financial contributions give organizations the funds they…

Increasing donor contributions via fundraising platforms

Understanding the audience will help nonprofits increase the number of donations they receive.
Nonprofit organizations have many obligations to consider on a daily basis and donations are one of the most important. Without these funds, associations would struggle to survive and succeed in their mission. Not for profits need to understand their audience in…

Nonprofits need clean data to thrive

Maintaining clean data assists nonprofits in developing targeted marketing efforts.
A variety of industries rely on clean data in order to best interact with their consumer base and nonprofits are no different. It's important for these organizations to regularly scan their database for old and outdated or otherwise incorrect information.…