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Increasing donor contributions via fundraising platforms

Understanding the audience will help nonprofits increase the number of donations they receive.

Nonprofit organizations have many obligations to consider on a daily basis and donations are one of the most important. Without these funds, associations would struggle to survive and succeed in their mission. Not for profits need to understand their audience in order to encourage more charitable donations. Let's take a look at how these organizations can get to know their pool of contributors a little better to increase monetary assistance:

Use buzzwords in solicitations
Different people are attracted to various means of motivating advertisements and marketing ventures. It's crucial for nonprofit organizations to not only understand these terms and language, but to use it effectively in their outreach campaigns. According to Jen Shang – professor at Plymouth University and a philanthropic psychologist – groups can utilize certain buzzwords that will encourage both men and women to give to a cause that piques their interest. By using these adjectives, nonprofits can increase contributions. For women, these words include: compassionate, friendly, fair and helpful. Men, on the other hand, react more positively to terms like strong, responsible and loyal. By adding these words to solicitations, nonprofit organizations can catch people's eyes and inspire them to donate.

Using words like "compassionate" will encourage female donors to contribute.Using words like compassionate will encourage female donors to contribute.

Make online platform easily navigable
Similar to visiting an ecommerce retailer, people can become easily frustrated if a nonprofit's donation process is overly complicated or asks for seemingly unnecessary information. It's crucial for these associations to simplify their online donation procedure as much as possible to ensure it is quick and efficient for contributors. Additionally, leaders should ensure the website and its forms are optimized for mobile devices. Since 70 percent of the population will have a smartphone by 2020, according to Ericsson, not for profits need to take the necessary steps to make the entire endeavor easy for potential and current donors. A simple Web design and easily navigable pages will help improve the number and amounts of donor contributions.

"Organizations should make sure their mission and goals are clearly stated."

Give donors what they want
People want to know where their money is going when they donate, so nonprofit organizations need to make sure their website and online contribution platform details this information clearly, according to Nonprofit Hub. To increase understanding and appreciation of a group's intentions and objectives, associations need to state their mission, values and ideals in an easy-to-read but comprehensive manner. This information should be the easiest to find on a nonprofit's website.

Furthermore, contributors welcome proof of the result of their donations. This means organizations need to develop a plan for how they will show donors where their money was used. Whether this means photographs to show the purchasing of necessary school supplies for at-risk children or the construction of an orphanage, evidence of donations at work will go a long way with patrons.

Perform data hygiene practices
Nonprofit organizations rely on the contributions of potential and current donors to keep their mission alive. These groups frequently gather data from benefactors to utilize for outreach in the future – email addresses, birthdays, mail addresses, and much more. This information isn't useful, however, if the materials are out of date or incorrect within not for profits' systems. It's critical for nonprofit organizations to regularly scan and monitor that data entry and management to ensure information is as current as possible. Taking this action will help these charitable groups remain cost efficient, as they'll be less likely to spend money advertising to people whose personal data isn't able to be used.

It can be overwhelming for nonprofit organizations to manage their donation platforms and the data itself on top of the other responsibilities they have on their plate. In these cases, groups could partner with a third-party for assistance with these tasks. SFG can give these associations a 360-degree view of their audience by utilizing a unified relational database. SFG can streamline the donation process overall, ensuring sensitive information is clean and useful.

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