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3 online retailer trends ecommerce companies should know

This year will bring new fads in ecommerce.

With every year, fads make themselves known in various industries. Online companies must monitor these popular trends to ensure their operations are meeting the wants and needs of audiences. Let's take a look at the 2017 trends ecommerce retailers must know to have a positive impact on their customers:

1. A focus on loyalty
One push that will never go out of style is the attempt to create a shopping experience that is both effortless and fun for clients. This is a trial-and-error process, so organizations are frequently updating, modifying and altering various elements of their operation to achieve this goal.

Throughout those steps, however, retailers rely on loyal customers to stick around. Even that steadfast support is a two-way street. To reward consumers who are ardent backers of web companies, leaders need to efficiently gather consumer data during the purchasing process to use when delivering promotions down the line, according to Smart Insights. This promotes satisfaction and keeps people coming back for more.

"Omnichannel analytics will be big in 2017."

2. A turn toward omnichannel analytics
Ecommerce businesses are familiar with omnichannel retail – essentially selling their products and services through various portals, platforms and more. While this sales strategy was a top trend in 2016, gathering critical data from these sources will be crucial in 2017. Not only that, but this year will be the time to combine all of that information to truly understand how the company is performing overall, according to Forbes.

With these materials, organizations will be able to examine differences in behaviors between in-store and online shoppers as well as the actions and hesitations of various consumers on their way toward making a purchase.

​3. Retargeting abandonment
The Baymard Institute found around 69 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned for one reason or another. While many ecommerce companies look for the reasons behind this – an important element to research – the better step is personally retarget these customers, according to CIO.

Online businesses can tie immediate emails to shopping cart abandonment. This way, as soon as someone veers away from this particular page, they'll have a reminder in their inbox of the potential purchase. The more individualized they are, the stronger chance companies will have of bringing a client back.

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