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Benefits of NCOA services

NCOA services help ecommerce companies maintain correct customer information.

Ecommerce retailers need updated information in order to communicate effectively with their customers. With assistance from National Change of Address, companies can ensure the data linked to individuals, families and businesses is verified and amended by the U.S. Postal Service. Utilizing NCOA services offers many advantages to online organizations. Here are some examples:

Reduction of delivery time
Whether it's marketing materials or products purchased through a subscription service, online companies require correct addresses for their customers. Without them, delivered items can undergo a number of obstacles before making it to their intended destination. Implementing NCOA services enables ecommerce organizations to ensure their consumer data is updated before distributing information or products via mail, according to Mediascope.  

Increased cost savings
Web-based businesses rely on customer materials that are current in order to interact with and market to their audience. Without this information, companies could continue to send direct mail to clients that are no longer located at a particular location. This results in wasted postage costs as well as large amounts of lost time spent targeting unusable contacts. Utilizing NCOA services enables ecommerce retailers to better understand and connect with their consumers, and offers cost savings that can be redirected to other areas of the operation.

Fewer customer service issues
Just as marketing leaders want their efforts to reach their audience effectively, consumers want access to communications, products and services they've invested in. If delivery and interaction are not consistent, customers will likely reach out about their concerns. Making sure client data is updated can reduce the amount of customer service issues companies experience, as happy people are less likely to complain.

Implementing NCOA services offers ecommerce retailers important benefits. SFG can tackle this responsibility for business leaders, ensuring cost efficiency and greater consumer response.

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