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8 tips on the cheapest way to ship subscription boxes

Ecommerce businesses need a plan to lower shipping costs.
Couldn't believe the cost of shipping after putting in your most recent order? You're not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected supply chains globally in 2020 and 2021, and the price to ship is a reflection of that. The United…

How to succeed in warehouse management

Warehouse management made easy when you work with SFG solutions.
  Gartner defines warehouse management as "a software application that helps manage the operations of a warehouse or distribution center." Managing a warehouse involves not only the employees who stock, pull, pack, and ship items, but also the technologies that…

Why the future of OMS should matter to you

Order management systems are changing. Getting ahead means getting digital.
  When you look at the trends of the last three years, it's hard to miss the shifts that are happening all around the world. Consumers have accepted online shopping now more than ever and businesses have taken notice. As…

Everything you need to know about order management

Offer a complete experience with an all-in-one OMS service.
The number of new online shoppers reached almost 150 million in 2020, according to Shopify's 2021 annual report. That meant ecommerce business managers needed to be prepared for the influx of online purchases by increasing their products offered online and…

The Future Is Now: Including Digital in Your Publication

Digital and traditional reading options can help your magazine publication excel in the modern digital age.
While postal regulations come and go, you need to stay on top of changes that affect your business. Between billing, renewals, and print fulfillment that works for your customers, there is a lot to keep up with along the way…