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Benefits of a recurring payment system

With recurring billing, customers will only need to enter their payment information once.

Companies utilizing an ecommerce subscription business model have grown in popularity over the years. A study from Hitwise found that visits to these retailers were up 3,000 percent between 2013 and 2016. As a result, more and more big brands are jumping into this market and creating personalized boxes for their consumers.

These organizations rely on a streamlined service to provide the best experience for their customers. One way to complete this goal is to implement recurring billing software. This system offers clients and subscription retailers alike a number of advantages:

"Recurring billing software is convenient for customers and companies alike."

There's a reason why so many people are flocking to subscription-based online stores. These ecommerce companies provide a level of comfort that can be difficult to match. Clients order products from the comfort of their own home and have them delivered to the location of their choosing. Since these steps are so simple, people desire the same ease from the payment portion of the process.

Recurring billing software lets customers have the price of their order automatically charged to their account on a schedule they determine. Whether it's weekly or monthly deliveries, ecommerce subscription businesses can simply alert consumers that a payment is coming up and people don't have to worry about re-entering their credit card information. While recurring billing is convenient for clients, it's also beneficial to the organization itself. Instead of hounding people to make a payment, companies can rely on their recurring payment systems to take care of this step.

Customer loyalty
It's common for consumers to complain about the various actions they have to take when trying to make a purchase online. Some companies require people to create an account and enter what seems like needless information. With recurring billing, however, this is a one-time process for customers. They will only be asked for more data if their payment method expires or is declined.

The convenience of recurring billing can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. The ability to trust a subscription retailer's payment system, while also enjoying the products included in the regular deliveries encourages people to return for more, according to Econsultancy. Ecommerce organizations rely on this happiness for success and this billing method may be the key.

Online companies want to give their customers an experience they can write home about, whether that's telling friends and family or penning a review. While recurring billing is an element of the ecommerce subscription process, it can aid in the entire procedure.

By tracking how often people are having boxes delivered and which packages are most popular, the software can help subscription leaders enhance their marketing and targeting efforts. Pop-up or emailed recommendations for upcoming products can spur satisfied consumers to re-up their subscription and encourage referrals in exchange for a free gift or percentage off their purchase. With a recurring payment system, online businesses can monitor client loyalty and create – or strengthen – their marketing efforts. 

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