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AdvantageCS enters strategic partnership with SFG

June 1, 2017

by Joint press release

Ann Arbor, MI: AdvantageCS is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership with SFG, an innovative service and technology company located in Big Sandy, Texas. AdvantageCS sought the partnership in order to provide a full-service solution to membership organizations and publishers, prospects and clients alike.

“More and more of our prospects are asking for a full-service option,” says Dan Heffernan, Vice President and Chief Product Manager at AdvantageCS, “especially membership organizations. We wanted to find just the right partner to expand our line of services. We are delighted to work with SFG; they offer just what we were looking for, and their reputation for quality was also an important consideration.”

SFG will provide order processing and customer care (including call center, mail order, deposit preparation, and credit card processing), lettershop, and product fulfillment services (including pick & pack, receiving, storage and inventory) for AdvantageCS clients who outsource such services.

“AdvantageCS is a known leader in the software space for media and membership companies,” notes Tony Pytlak, President/COO at SFG. “Membership organizations are recognizing the cost-savings that they can realize through a fully outsourced solution that includes best-of-breed technology and integrated operations. We are excited to partner with AdvantageCS to provide this end-to-end solution.”

SFG is fully PCI compliant at the highest designation (a Level One Service Provider) and SSAE16 audited—their online payment processing transactions are fully secure and compliant with all industry requirements. Together, AdvantageCS and SFG offer a one-stop solution for clients who want the premier software solution with full service.

About AdvantageCS
AdvantageCS is the developer of Advantage–marketing and subscription software which includes Members Advantage, a fully integrated solution for membership associations, professional societies, alumni associations, charitable organizations, and clubs. Leading companies rely on Advantage to manage their digital subscriptions, memberships, entitlements, magazines, bundles, e-products, conferences and events, continuity programs, product orders, payments and customer service.

Advantage also offers a comprehensive eCommerce platform, multi-channel sales, high availability,sophisticated business intelligence tools, multi-currency, multi-local taxation, direct debit processing and a multi-lingual interface.

AdvantageCS is a privately-held corporation, and has been developing software for publishers since 1979. Financially sound, with a worldwide reputation for superior software and service, AdvantageCS is a trusted partner of many global information companies.

Additional information about the company can be found at

About SFG
Since the early 1980s, SFG has used innovation and a solutions-oriented approach to help clients grow their audience base through one overriding principle: a partnership approach is the only approach. Their partnerships tend to last, with a client retention rate exceeding 95%.

A culture of quality permeates the SFG organization, from systems integrations to data hygiene to customer interactions to shipping. It’s a culture clients appreciate and SFG employees embrace.

SFG has experience with many industries, including associations and non-profit organizations, helping companies across a wide spectrum find solutions to their business operations and technology challenges.

Additional information about the company can be found at

Sally Allen, Director of Business Development
903-636-2233, x603