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Introducing FlexOMS

Your organization relies on fast and versatile operations and great relationships with customers to be successful. SFG can help. Our multi-channel, distributed order management system incorporates front-end and back-end operations, providing a 360-degree view of the customer and manage the customer lifecycle from start to finish.

Introducing FlexOMS, a complete solution tailored to the demands of the ecommerce industry and customizable to fit the needs of your enterprise. Prepare your company to meet its long-term goals by streamlining operations and fulfillment while gaining a 360-degree perspective on your customers. Drawing on a unified relational database adaptable to a wide range of processes and procedures, our solution utilizes APIs and rule-driven policies to guide every decision and facilitate strategic action. Whether you need one service or many, you need an all-in-one order management system that you can’t outgrow.

Robust features deliver superior outcomes

Our order management system aims to relieve the stress and frustration that come with customer orders and deliveries. SFG’s solution integrates all the tools you need to maintain a steady flow of operations with improved inventory management, speedy response times and attentive consumer support. Here’s what FlexOMS can do for you:

Encrypted real-time and batch order inflow: We eliminate the struggle of managing customer orders by establishing an inflow system that sifts through purchases in real time, ensuring clients receive top-notch service and you avoid serious headaches.

Prepare your company to meet its long-term goals by streamlining operations and fulfillment while gaining a 360-degree perspective on your customers.

Powerful customer database management: We know that consumer information is subject to change and you need the latest data to make the most of your engagement and retention efforts. A unified database enables a seamless ecommerce experience for shoppers while bringing you a big-picture view of the customer lifecycle.

Address standardization and correction: Customer mistakes are common during the order process. We’ll fill in the blanks necessary to get the package to the correct destination by standardizing and revising address input.

Product availability and allocation: There’s nothing worse for customer satisfaction than when someone orders an item only to find out it’s no longer available. FlexOMS incorporates an inventory management component, making it simple to check availability, flag unavailable goods, allocate items, reorder product when quantities are low and release backorders when the time is right.

Calculation of shipping and sales tax: A transparent ordering process results in happier customers. When finalizing an order, FlexOMS will accurately compute the necessary shipping and sales tax.

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Authorization of credit card orders: Purchasing items online can cause problems, especially since credit card companies are always on the lookout for instances of fraud. We’ll not only verify payment information is correct, but go through the appropriate channels to authorize the charge and alert clients to any outstanding issues.

Pick, pack and ship: From generating pick tickets and locating items to packing products neatly and securely in boxes and sending them on their way, FlexOMS streamlines this vital function.

Inventory reduction: Our solution manages inventory records, scanning completed orders into a shipping manifest and reducing item quantities when products are ordered.

Disbursement of order shipment email: We’ll let customers know their order is on its way - and when they can expect it - via email. FlexOMS can also inform consumers of any delays.

Shipment of orders: We’ll distribute customer orders through shipping vendors you can trust, ensuring packages arrive on time and in tip-top shape.

Whether you need one service or many, you need an all-in-one order management system that you can’t outgrow.

Credit card settlement, billing and invoicing: Our system will guarantee credit card payments - and any outstanding issues - are taken care of. We’ll also send out final billing and invoice notices, so customers have updated records.

Customer support: Exceptional service means being highly responsive to inquiries throughout every step, from placing an order until it arrives on the doorstep. We’ll take care of your customers as if they are family, making them feel comfortable and happy with their decision.

Returns processing: We know customers may send an item back for many different reasons. We’ll manage this portion of your operation, going beyond updating inventory records by asking relevant questions to gain insight and improve item quality.

Outbound customer engagement: Through conducting surveys, collecting customer feedback and analyzing social media interactions, FlexOMS puts you in touch with the voices of your customers. Build long-term relationships and find opportunities to grow by drawing on extensive data to fuel your outreach.

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The benefits of agility and integration

FlexOMS is a multi-channel platform that incorporates front-end and back-end operations and can be utilized as a full-service solution or integrated with the solutions your organization has already implemented. That makes our order management system remarkably agile and adaptable, resulting in a broad array of benefits:

Customization and scalability icon

Customization and scalability: The impressive capabilities of FlexOMS are intended to be augmented and individualized to meet each enterprise’s unique needs. Choose the FlexOMS add-ons and customization add-ons that fit your daily needs and challenges, scaling the system as necessary.

Flexibility icon

Flexibility: Whether you need just one of the tools contained in FlexOMS or a complete start-to-finish solution, our tools work hand-in-hand with existing software to maintain maximum flexibility.

Efficiency icon

Efficiency: With an order management system in place to smooth the purchasing and fulfillment processes, gains in efficiency will transform your operations. Your organization will be ready for growth and able to take on shifting priorities.

Data security icon

Data security: FlexOMS protects your business and the private information of your customers through secure solutions that are compliant with information security best practices the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Omnichannel icon

Omnichannel ability: Your company can collect orders and customer information from multiple channels, pulling the data into a single, secure system. With exceptional strategic awareness and the ability to engage consumers across channels, you can truly put their needs first.

Customer satisfaction icon

Customer satisfaction: We know you want to impress your customers, so FlexOMS is built to optimize every step of their journey. Customers will be happy to receive frequent updates and, with our fulfillment and distribution capabilities, they’ll receive the correct items in a timely manner.

There are reasons so many businesses have implemented FlexOMS: its ease of use, efficiency and data-driven insights result in happier and more loyal customers. In addition to our order management system, SFG provides a full lineup of solutions to bring your company success in ecommerce, including data hygiene, integrated business intelligence and fulfillment operations.

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