Order Management System

You need a partner with an integrated solution to manage the customer life cycle. SFG’s Order Management System, FlexOMS, handles the entire process, from order inflow to fulfillment operations to outbound customer engagement and all points in between.

Using processes, APIs, and rule-driven policies at every point of decision and action, SFG's FlexOMS handles:

  • Encrypted Real-Time and Batch Order Inflow
  • Creation/Update of Customer Record
  • Address Standardization/Correction
  • Product Availability and Allocation
  • Calculation of Shipping and Sales Tax
  • Authorization of Credit Card Orders
  • Pick/Pack/Ship Options and Processes
  • Inventory Reduction
  • Order Shipment Confirmation Email
  • Shipment of Order
  • Credit Card Settlement
  • Customer Service
  • Surveys and Comments
  • Social Media Interaction
  • Billing and Invoicing