Subscription and eCommerce Services

Get the ALL-IN-ONE solution and grow your business!

Your subscription business relies on long-lasting customer relationships, outstanding service and high-quality products delivered consistently. Now you can take your business to the next level when you partner with SFG for the latest technology and innovative operational support critical to thrive and expand in the subscription market.

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SFG's FlexOMS™ is the answer to your subscription needs

SFG uses their advanced order management system to incorporate comprehensive front-end and back-end technology and operations for the ALL-IN-ONE solution to manage your orders and nurture customer relationships. FlexOMS provides a 360-degree view to manage your subscription business efficiently and securely throughout the customer lifecycle from start to finish.

Using FlexOMS, SFG can:

  • Manage the entire subscription process – from order through fulfillment
  • Encourage and support repeat orders
  • Process payments in real time in a PCI-compliant environment
  • Offer flexible free trial periods and recurring charge options
  • Improve customer communication and track all inventory
  • Provide analytical insights needed to transform your business
  • And many more flexible features…

FlexOMS is built to manage the unique needs of subscription companies like yours. By leveraging our 40+ years of experience in this business model, your company will profit from our stability, ongoing technology investments, best-in-class service levels and consistent results.

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Partner with SFG for subscription fulfillment success

With FlexOMS, your customers can count on receiving the correct items in a timely fashion while you can concentrate on growing your business, increasing lifetime value and creating special offers to attract new customers.

With SFG, you’ll get our most cost-effective shipping available by taking advantage of our established relationships with carriers around the world. Plus, customer satisfaction runs high thanks to automated shipping confirmation messages with links for subscribers to track their packages.

FlexOMS delivers quality customer support you can depend on with reliable resources for generating inquiry codes, completing resolution procedures and scripting for service-oriented communications plus upsell/cross-sell promotions.

If customers choose to return an item, no problem. FlexOMS handles returns, updates inventory, and collects relevant information to boost customer satisfaction.

FlexOMS helps discover valuable insights into your customers’ preferences and behavior with business intelligence and analytical tools giving you access to data any time you’d like–even in real time.

Using FlexOMS, SFG’s sophisticated order management and streamlined fulfillment processes allow you to focus on the long-term objectives of your subscription-based business.

Whether you need one service, a combination of services, or an all-in-one solution, SFG is the answer to your subscription needs.

Contact us today and see how SFG can help you grow your subscription business and take it to the next level!